About Us




Lust For Lyrics is a graphic goods store created and owned by myself, Keith "datdrip" Garven. I am a designer, recording artist, record producer, founder and CEO of Killsht Entertainment, executive, husband, father and all around hip hop scholar. I've been creating Lust For Lyrics in my head for ages now, in the words of Kendrick Lamar it's not hip hop to me it's hypnotize. A good song can push us to do great things, inspire us to change our lives and little by little change the world around us. It is truly my passion, obsession and mission to send good vibrations to all while uplifting my generation.



Lust For Lyrics is here to give fellow hip hoppers and innovators of style a new way to dress, accessorize, workout, party, and live. All our products are created and distributed in the Untied States with fulfillment centers available for overseas sales. Our job is incomplete if you are not satisfied. Lust For Lyrics isn't interested in just a quick buck, we are here to serve you. Branding, long term growth and success can only be accomplished through our best asset - you. When you visit the site, you won't want to leave. When you receive your merch you'll be the envy of the block. Our designs are one of a kind from our t-shirts, canvas art, posters to our throw pillows. Music has given me such a vivid imagination I am beyond thrilled to be able share my world through sound, feeling and now merchandise. Thank you😊