200: KXNG is..

Following Killshts first single release Flavour by datdrip featuring Qua’Jon Kobe of 2018, the following year the album 200: KXNG is.. was released under Killsht Entertainment. This is my first nationally streamed album, the first out of a three set series entitled "200:" as an ode to self reliance, determination and giving 100% of your personal ability then giving 100% more than that in effort. The word “KXNG”s basis was to get rid of the stigma of being “King” of anything besides King of oneself. Released November 8, 2019, it showcased tracks such as Hussain, Splurge and Dusted Dreams. ‘200: KXNG is..’ is streaming on all platforms including the collector‘s edition which contains the full length instrumental album produced entirely by datdrip.